Why Should I Pay to Train My Real Estate Assistant?

The Two Main Reasons

Hiring a real estate assistant is a big step for your real estate career. It allows you to focus on your clients while growing your business. Training a new assistant, though, is time-consuming. 

Instead of taking time away from clients and business development to train your assistant, enroll your new assistant into a training program designed for real estate agents like you.

Real estate assistant training provides the knowledge, systems, tools and resources they need to succeed, and there are two primary benefits to investing in this training.

Training Expedites the Onboarding Process

Onboarding a new employee takes time. You need to not only introduce them to your processes, but also to real estate practices in general if they are new to the industry. From contracts to client needs and your network of stagers, contractors, and inspectors, it’s important that your assistant learns how to properly handle every situation while knowing who to call.

Enrolling your assistant in training, though, gives them the foundation they need to succeed in their role so you can stay focused on what matters: building your business.

You Stay Focused on Building Your Business 

As a real estate agent, your business is focused on you building relationships with your clients, which takes time and energy. 

You hire an assistant to be a resource and sending them to real estate-specific training ensures that they really do become that resource.

Then, when they complete their in-person training and begin the coaching phase, they’re ready to step into your office to support you as you build your business.

What Your Real Estate Assistant Can Expect

It’s important to prepare your assistant for the training so they know what to expect. This is typically done during the interview process when discussing job expectations, but an additional conversation can be helpful.

Real estate assistant training includes both hard and soft skills:

  • What their role entails
  • What they can and can’t do if they aren’t licensed
  • How their role differs from an agent’s role
  • How to get and stay organized
  • How to hold you accountable as needed
  • How to read contracts and agreements
  • What tools and templates to systemize their work

Our training program also includes one-on-one coaching. While you will have to handle certain elements of their onboarding, we find that one-on-one coaching helps you stay in the field while your assistant continues to get personalized help to resolve questions without contacting you.

Investing in real estate assistant training will do more than save you time while onboarding. It ensures your assistant can help you grow your business by properly handling contracts, keeping you organized, and how to use assistant-specific tools to help save you both time and money.

As a 20-year veteran of the real estate industry, I support Georgia real estate agents by helping you hire assistants to reduce stress, increase productivity, and grow their business. I also offer training services so your new or current assistant can help you grow your business by managing day-to-day tasks. For Keller Williams’s assistants, I offer an additional half-day of training for Keller Williams assistants on KW Command.

If you’re ready for hiring and training support for your new assistant, give me a call at (404) 451-0044 or send me a message.



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Crystal F.

I currently use Loree and her team for Virtual Contract to Close Process. I couldn't ask for more! The VA's know what to do, and when and how to get it done! I've had several great experiences with them and would highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance! They stay on top of everything from start to finish and reach out to clients during the "between time" just to see if they're in need of anything. First Class Experience Every Time!

Jeff M.

The service Loree provides is excellent!. My business was growing faster than I could keep up with on my own. After making a bad hire, I went to The Assistant Institute for help. I didn't have time to search for candidates, start the interview process, hire and train. I needed to hire an assistant with Real Estate experience and I needed someone to train them quickly on systems and processes that I was familiar with.
Loree hit every checkbox on that list! From initial search to first day on job was less than 3 weeks. And her follow up after the hire is a testiment to her quality and dedication.
A bad hire cost me money and time - 2 things I did not have an endless amount of. Thanks to Loree, I now have what I am sure is the best assistant I have ever had. Thank you!

Carrie F.

The Assistant Institute gave me all the tools I needed to jump right into my new role as Transaction Coordinator for my husbands real estate team. Loree's templates and step by step checklists were invaluable to a novice like me. I finished her class feeling confident and with the continued support afterward, I give Loree' 5 Stars! Highly recommend!

Nicole C.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Loree's attention to detail and listening skills play a huge role in matching candidates with assistant opportunities. In addition, her first-hand experience in the real estate field contribute to the great training that she provides. She has the ability to predict challenges that assistants may face and is able to equip you with the resources needed for your success. If you're looking to enter the field of real estate as an assistant, Loree is the person for you!

Melody U.


I recommend Loree and the Assistant Institute without reservation! I have known Loree for many years and she also knows this industry backwards and forwards and makes our job so much easier by taking on the very important role of training assistants! She is a rockstar!.

Gabby D.


The training class AI provides is something I wish all real estate assistant's were able to go through. I learned so much valuable information and it has already made me a better assistant. Not to mention, Loree set me up with an agent in the same day I interviewed with her and I got hired and started with them after one week. I highly recommend going through the Assistant's Institute for all of your RE Assistant needs! :)

Courtney K.


Loreé is a very knowledgeable instructor. She does an exceptional job at pairing the right people to work together.

Erin A.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Loreè helped me find my dream job!
I was desperately seeking a career change, after having a 12 year love hate relationship with my grants administration and finance job. I was having trouble getting recruiters and employers to recognize my resume among the herd because my experience wasn’t in real estate. Loreè noticed that the skills actually translated and found a perfect real estate team to pair me with. The interview process was intense, 5 interviews total, but I felt the thought and care that was put into the process was a benefit in the end.
After I was hired, Loreè’s coaching has been a paragon. She’s been there every step of the way, lending an ear and giving advice that has consistently been spot on. I feel supported and Loreè leads by example. The thought and attention to detail that she has put into the training program is yet another aspect that has been so helpful. I honestly can’t thank her enough! If you’re looking for a career in real estate or an agent looking for a, fully trained and ready to go, assistant “The Assistant Institute” should be your next call!

Wendye J.


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their Loree is great! She has done the job we do and therefore has first hand knowledge of what this job takes. Great at helping you brain storm areas of the job and her systems are easily adapted to your particular situation! Highly recommend!

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