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Contract To Close


Work smarter not harder. Let The Assistant Institute manage your transactions. Focus on Less so you can Achieve More.

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Did you know? An agent can spend up to 20+ hours a week working on administrative tasks.

Your time is valuable! The more time you spend managing your contracts the less time you have to generate more business. Our Contract to Close process was created to help you manage and close more deals.


The Assistant Institute acts as your virtual back office, ensuring all

aspects of your transaction is managed, giving your clients the very best experience when buying or selling their home.



  • Review contract and obtain any missing documents and/or signatures 

  • Obtain referral agreement and Broker’s W9 (if necessary) 

  • Submit contract to your office 

  • Change status in FMLS & GAMLS if your listing - if your buyer, send notification of contract to FMLS & GAMLS 

  • Call your client to introduce ourselves and let them know we are assisting in getting to them to the closing table as smoothly as possible 

  • Call Co-op Agent, Lender and Attorney’s office to introduce ourselves as part of your team and confirm who we should be in communication with throughout the process 

  • All emails sent throughout the process will list us as part of your team in the signature block 

  • Create Important Dates sheet and send to all parties, as well as put dates on your Google calendar sending event invites to all parties 

  • Email the full contract and important dates sheet to your client with instructions on what to expect next 

  • Email the full contract and important dates sheet to the Co-op Agent, Lender and Attorney’s office and confirm receipt 

  • Obtain CBS code for lockbox and assist in scheduling home inspection and notify all parties 

  • Remind all parties of home inspection the day before 

  • Remind you of any upcoming deadlines at least 3 days before 

  • Assist in prewriting amendments as needed - you will need to provide information for the amendment and review it before sending it to your client 

  • Create Commission Agreement and get fully executed

    • Send to Attorney’s office and Co-op Agent 

  • Schedule any other needed inspections - you and /or your client will need to provide vendor information (we do not choose vendor) 

  • Gather utility information and send it to either your Buyer or the Co-op Agent 

  • Follow up with the Lender and Attorney’s office throughout the process for updates (buyer/seller information forms, all docs received, appraisal, title, HOA letters, clear to close, etc) 

    • Notify all parties as information is received 

    • Verify Lender & Attorney’s office have all amendments and necessary documents 

  • Coordinate with all parties and schedule closing 

    • Notify all parties once closing has been schedule and place on your Google Calendar with invitations sent to all parties 

  • Send closing invitation to your client as well as follow up email with closing time, address and any instructions 

  • Call your client and make sure they have wiring instructions from the Attorney’s office 

  • Order home warranty and send confirmation to Attorney’s office and Co-op Agent 

  • Verify your office file is complete and address any compliance issues flagged by your broker 

  • Confirm closing package and wire received by Attorney’s office 

  • Request Preliminary Settlement Statement 

    • Review sales price, commission, earnest money, closing costs and any concessions for accuracy 

    • Send to you for your review - will send to your client after you have approved it 

  • Request a Pay at Closing if desired 

    • Send to Attorney’s office once received by your office and confirm receipt 

    • Text your client and Co-op Agent the day before closing with time, address and phone number of Attorney’s office so they have it handy 

  •  After closing: 

    • Send copy of final Settlement Statement to your client so they have an electric version 

    • Place a copy of final Settlement Statement in your office’s file 

    • Send your client link(s) to post a review on your website(s) 

    • Send notice of closing to FMLS 

    • Change status in GAMLS if your listing (send notice if your buyer) 


If contract terminates at any time during the process we will make sure the fully executed termination gets to all parties, cancel the closing (if scheduled) and confirm release of the earnest money. There will be NO FEE DUE to The Assistant Institute.


If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid!